"Why make files smaller, when you can TAC them"? TM

TAC* is the best compression format available for the web today! By using revolutionary scientific methods, research teams at RSG and the Beige Programming ensemble were able to a compose a complex software tool that expels many of the myths that surround modern file compression techniques. The secret of TAC compression is not that it makes files smaller, but that it makes files bigger, much bigger.** This provides the end user with a compression tool to meet almost any need in today's bandwidth and gig overloaded computing world.

  Download the BETA for OsX, and become a TAC believer today!

for Mac

version 1.0

  TAC animation

* Total A##hole Compression
** Tests have shown TAC to increase file size of a compressed file by at least 14 times the uncompressed size.

TAC compression is by Cory Arcangel, with coding by RSG. Thanks to Michael Frumin for coding help, and to Eyebeam Research.